SE*Red Chili Maja

DOB: 2017-06-17

Colour:  Red tabby

EMS: d22

DNA-test: HCM, SMA, PK-def clear

HCM-scan: normal

HD: normal/normal









S*Bazazz Isn’t She Lovley

Nickname: Inez

Colour: Blue tortie tabby

EMS: f 22   EMS: f 22

Inez is spayed







S*Bazazz Keep On Loving You

Nickname: Elza

DOB: 2018-06-19

Colour: Red tabby with white

EMS: d 09 22

Health test will be done during 2019





DK*Jungle Man’s Lisabon

2011-12-23 – 2017-07-28