This is me many years ago. I was 2 years old when the picture was taken and the outfit I had was knitted in red with white dots. My mum made it.

The cat’s name was Pedro and I loved him. He lived in Stockholm with at friend of my mother’s and her daughter. I’m not sure Pedro was amused. I wanted to pet him and he had other things to do 🙂

I have had cats since the beginning of the 80’s. I bought my first Maine Coon in August 1999 and I got my cattery name in December 2001. The first litter was born on January 6th 2002.

My son was born in December 1977 and is of course now a grown up man and lives in Australia.

I live in the south of Gothenburg and if you want to contact me you can give me a call at: +46 0762 481654 or e-mail me at ann {at} or at annengdahl54 {at} 

My cats and kittens’ health are important to me. I test my cats both with DNA-tests and check their hearts with ultrasound. I X-ray their hips before breeding. Kittens are born in my bedroom and they live there with their mum (and me) until they are big enough to explore the rest of my home.

S*ReMaine’s kittens are house-trained, vaccinated 2 times, have a health certificate, pedigree, food they are used to and some toys when they move to their new family.