Welcome to WCF*ReMaines Maine Coon

6 kittens born januari 14. 2 girls blacktortie bicolour , 1 girl blacktortiesilvertabby, 1 girl blacktortie. 2 boys red tabby bicolour. New piccs on kittens now 6 weeks

We are no longer Fife-members. I decided some months ago to join WCF, World Cat Federation and are members of Hallandskatten and Foreningen Goteborgskatten.

Kittens to come will have pedigree from Hallandskatten. Breeding cats are always tested before breedng, as usual.

On the picture: SE*Red Chili Gemma, g03. Born Valentines Day 2019. Parent’s S*ReMaine’s Jeeves and S*ReMaine’s Siri.